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Aromatherapy is throughout our website... Every product has essential oils in them.
Our opinion is that "Essential oils are "essential" to  our life, health and sanity."
Learn about all the different essential oils. Learn to use them and not to be afraid of them.
Herbs and Essential Oils are God-given for our healing and health.

Aromatherapy Inhalers, 5 ml.

Small bottles with diluted essential oils to help combat specific problems.  Breathe in the formulas; put a drop under nose; or at source of pain.

Allergy Ease -- helps control those symptoms.
Breathe Easier -- for those with asthma and other breathing problems.
Cold Relief (for flu too!) -- use regularly to keep from getting colds. shortens cold and flu length when used 4-8 times per day during illness.
Cravings Be Gone--helps to control those cravings.
Wake-UP/Fatigue Relief -- this oil is a really eye-opener.
Grief/Bereavement--helps work through grief issues.
Hot Flashes Be Gone -- helps to control hot flashes very well.
Mood Uplifting -- helps lift moods when things get you down. will not control serious depression issues; but will help.
Nausea/Motion Sickness (for morning sickness too!) -- works really great. our pregnant customers really rave about this one.
Quit Smoking --use when you want a cigarette; helps to control cravings.
Sinus Problems -- use at areas of pain and pressure, 4-6 times a day. soon you will be breathing better.
Stress Relief -- helps you to diffuse stress and find relief in stressful situations.

Keep these handy. If you buy two you can always keep on close. I keep one in my bathroom and one in purse or vehicle.


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils in a 1/2 ounce amber bottle with a euro-dropper cap.

Here are the available individual oils
Allspice / Bergamot (bergaptene free) /Black Pepper / Cajeput / Carrot Seed / Cedarwood, Atlas / Cinnamon   /   Citronella /   Clary Sage / Clove / Cypress / Eucalyptus / Eucalyptus Citriodora / Frankincense / Rose Geranium / Ginger / Grapefruit, Pink / Juniperberry / Lavender /Lemon / Lemongrass / Lime / Mandarin / Marjoram / Niaouli / Nutmeg  /  Orange / Oregano / Palmarosa / Patchouli / Peppermint / Petitgrain / Rosemary Moroccan / Sage / Spearmint / Spruce / Tangerine / Tea Tree  /  Thyme / Ylang Ylang

Consult a reference book on essential oils before using these oils.



Essential Oil:

Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils

Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils in a 1 ounce amber bottle with a euro-dropper cap.

This is a list of individual oils you can select from. (The slashes are to separate to different oils)

Eucalyptus / Lavender / Lemon /  Orange / Peppermint / Spearmint   /   Tea Tree

Consult a reference book on essential oils before using these oils.


Essential Oil:
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5 ml. Essential Oil Scent Blends

Our pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil blends. Use to make your product stronger; use when making your own products; use in a diffuser; use 5-15 drops in a base cream or oil; or add to a warm bath. Should be diluted before used on the skin. These blend are undiluted essential oils.

Many customers want a stronger scented product than we sell…..We now offer the 5 ml. Essential Oil Blends.  Add a small amount (add a few drops at a time) to your product and shake well if it is a lotion or spray. If it's butter, it will need to be gently heated, then whipped with a whisk or mixer.

These scents may be used when making your own custom products. Get your favorite scent in your own custom lotion,cream or spray formula.

Throat Soother – Some of our customers want a stronger tasting formula. Add 5-10 drops to the 1 oz. bottle. Shake well.

Attraction -- A spicy, earthy blend. Enhances our willingness to open to others and attract harmony into our life.

Bay Rum – Caribbean Island delight.  A sexy scent.

Bay Rum-Lime – A delight with the lime zing! Mellows out to that great sexy scent of Bay rum.

Breathe More Easily -- Great help with allergies, in stuffy rooms and for exercise. Help for those with asthma and bronchial issues.

Calming -- Promotes a more peaceful atmosphere. Warm, balancing.

 Calming for Busy Children -- Help for those living with "busy" children. My customers rave over how well this helps the children settle down when needed.

Cedar Forest – A wonderful smoky-woodsy fragrance for the outdoor man.

Citrus Fresh -- A peaceful, refreshing atmosphere with citrus essential oils.  This is one of our signature scents. Our “citrus” loving customers keep coming back to this. It is a well-rounded citrus scent that stays well.

Classroom Control --A great aid for teachers in large classrooms. Some children need this help. We have about many teachers utilizing this wonderful spray. Kills virus and bacteria in the air as a bonus.

 Creativity -- Stimulate creativity, desire, focus and motivation. Fosters a positive attitude, help to rise above adversity, overcome procrastination and self-pity.

Driving Alertly -- Help for those long trips or alertness in rush hour traffic.

Exotic Spice –- Many guy customers say their girl friends love this intriguing scent. Works great for many women too…intriguing is good.

Fireside -– This woodsy scent incorporates frankincense and myrrh. One of my (Kathleen) favorites on my guy.

 Forgiveness -- Helps in the process of forgiving others. Use when the hurt is fresh and not severe. Severe problems need the "Release Me" blend.

Ginger-Orange -– Warm, fresh, green, spicy ginger blended with sweet, uplifting orange.

Herbal Balance & Energize –- Clean and fresh.  Helps to balance emotions while refreshing and energizing body system. This is a great blend that works for families…men, women, boys and girls like this scent. Lavender helps balance, spearmint energizes. Spruce and eucalyptus help with the balancing.

I Love Lavender – This blend is wonderful. The Lavender is rich and full. The Patchouli adds a deep touch of sensual. The Chamomile helps balance and round out the scent.

 Joyful - A heady blend of essential oils. Designed to be uplifting, helps release anger, and bring joy to the heart. Refreshing, uplifting, peaceful.  A definite favorite with my customers. It is my (Kathleen) personal favorite.

Juniper Forest – Smells like the beautiful forests in the mountains of Arizona. Has a touch of Sandalwood and Frankincense. Sweet, fresh, woodsy-balsamic.

 Key Lime -- This scent has the prevailing scent of Lime. Smells like Key Lime Pie…yum.

 Lavender Minty (Lavender-Peppermint) –- a long-lasting soothing uplifting scent. No fancy name; just a great refreshing, cooling scent.

 Lemonade – A fresh lemon and vanilla scent.

 Lemongrass-Tangerine -- A citrus blend with Clove and Cinnamon; that is not too sweet! This has been a consistent favorite with customers.

Let's Talk! -- Promotes peace and open communications. Helpful before meetings, maybe?

 Mandarin Grapefruit – An uplifting citrus blend with the zing of Grapefruit.

Memory Enhancement -- Promotes memory retention. Help for those who need to focus and improve memory. Also recommend the “Mental Alertness” and the “Nervous Tension” Herbal vitamins. This well-rounded approach will help you. Do not go off pharmaceutical drugs without consulting a Naturopath or a Holistic practitioner. 

Mood Uplifting – Uses the essential oils that help uplift your mood and balance you in your surroundings. Help for those down times.  Will not overcome depression by itself; but add the “Nervous Tension/Depression herbal vitamins and you will feel better. Do not go off pharmaceutical drugs without consulting a Naturopath or a Holistic practitioner. 

 Morning Alertness -- Help get you day started. A great "perk-me-up". Pair with the “Wake Up and Go” Tea to get out the door quickly…do not forget to eat. It is very important to fuel our bodies for the day.

 Motivation -- Helps get a body moving. Yes, it really does work!  Enhances the ability to move forward while stimulating feelings of action and accomplishment. To help overcome procrastination.  One of my (Kathleen) favorite sprays to keep around.

 Neroli-Orange -- An intriguing blend. Smells heavenly! relieves chronic anxiety, depression and stress. Neroli is good in cases of insomnia. Also joyous and uplifting.

 Patchouli -- For Patchouli lovers! A deep, earthy sensual essential oil blend. This is a favorite with men and women.

 Peaceful Feeling — Calm those fears gently. Helps when facing tough situations or decisions.  This blend helps to calm those irrational fears that can overtake us. Fear of bridges, storms, and/or strange environments are part of many people's lives. Use this blend often when faced with a fear to help overcome it.

 Pepperminty – Uplifting and balancing blend. This is a clean, fresh scent that soothes the mind on those who are stressed and uplifting to the tired.

 Refreshing -- Creates an upbeat atmosphere. A minty, citrusy blend to refresh after a hard day.

 Release Me -- Calming, grounding essential oils to help release buried emotional trauma, like accidents, death of a loved one, assault or abuse.  Also recommend the “Mental Alertness” and the “Nervous Tension” Herbal vitamins. This well-rounded approach will help you. Do not go off pharmaceutical drugs without consulting a Naturopath or a Holistic practitioner. 

 Restful Sleep (Baby Sleep Well) -- Gently help for those times when sleep doesn't come quickly. Can also be used if you wake in the middle of the night.

 Robbers -- Full spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection.  Similar to Young Living's"Thieves" blend. Use to kill bacteria, virus and those bugs that make us sick. Use the same way you would use the "Thieves" blend.  Same essential oil blend as the “Germ Buster”; “Easy Breezy”; and “MRSA Spray”.  It is a powerful essential oil blend.

 Romance – A floral scent touched with Vanilla. Rose otto and other essential oils that define romance. Balancing and sensual. Great for a massage lotion or oil for intimate times. (Don’t forget the “Moisture Helper”.)

Stress Reliever — The name says it all....calms and soothes.

 Studying Alertly -- Helps students to retain information.

 Travel Ease -- Natural essential oil help for the hustle, bustle and stress of traveling. Use as a body spray or put on tissue in a zipper bag and inhale as needed. Will not disturb fellow passengers (although,it may help when the plane is delayed and everyone is getting upset).

 Ylang Ylang – This is a sensual blend that works for both women and men.

 Specialty Scents that include some natural fragrance oils.

Jasmine Dreams, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Raspberry Kisses, Rose Dream, Spring Violet, Strawberry, Vanilla Icing, and

Silk Shantung – This is an oriental, sensual scent.

Dream Weaver – A sensual scent to please you and the lady in your life.

Moonlit Walk – An earthy, flowery scent. Similar to Moonlight Path from B&B Works…no toxic chemicals in our formula!

Theraputic Blends:

Diffuser/Aromatherapy Oils

1 dram or 1 ounce

Many great ways to use these concentrated blends of oils. Use in a few drops in a diffuser, on a light ring, candle, cotton ball or applied directly to a pillow or cloth tucked into a corner.  Use 1 tablespoon of this oil to refresh your smelly jelly scent. Use also to refresh your potpourri.

I use the Lavender Calm in a water feature I have in my office. Helps calm and focus my thoughts, and smells great!

DO NOT use on skin! Highly concentrated.

Contains therapeutic essential oils and/or natural fragrance oils.


Smelly Jelly, 8 oz. jar

A gentle way to change your environment and scent a room.

An  8 ounce mason jar with a gold-colored lid.  This is used to gently scent a room for 1-2 months. Add distilled water occasionally.

Renew with the Diffuser/Room Aromatherapy oils.

A note about Reed Diffusers:

Do you know what the Reed Diffusers liquid consists of?  It is chemicals--glycols and other bad stuff.  This is poison for children and pets. It will take the finish off wood furniture if it is spilled.   DO NOT USE THIS STUFF IN YOUR HOME IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT CHEMICALS.



Herbal Sleep Pillow

A pretty mesh bag (same as the eye pillows) filled with herbs and essential oils.

Place the bag in your pillow case or keep it under your pillow and lightly squeeze and inhale calming and quieting aroma.

The herbs and oils are those that help with relaxation, calmness and sleep.


Lavender, Rose, Jasmine

Eye  Pillows

These beautiful organza-type bags are filled with either lavender buds or rose petals.

Lavender helps to relieve eye strain, headaches, stress.

Rose helps to relieve depression, stress, and nervousness.

Jasmine is aphrodisiac, soothing, uplifting.

General instructions:   Recline....Place across eyes and nose. Relax for 10-15 minutes.  Great for "power naps".


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