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Wonderful, truly toxin free products.  Our castile soaps are made the old-fashioned way.
Our products will not strip color from color-treated hair.

Lather is a petroleum chemical creation.
Nothing in nature lathers like commercial shampoo or chemical detergents.
In ages past; people used soapwort or yucca root. These foam some with little bubbles; but there is nothing in nature like chemical lather.
Castile soaps, soapwort or yucca root are not drying like the chemical lather. Which is why you will not need conditioner with our soaps. Castile soaps made with coconut oil and tallow foam better; but vegan customers do not want anything made with animal products.
We reformulated our Castile Shampoo/Body Wash and Hand Soap to remove the soy oil and increasing the coconut oil. This is increasing the cost of production since coconut oil is $.60 per pound more than the soy. Adding the extra coconut oil has increased the lathering of our soaps.

Hair Care Samples

Try some products before purchasing a full-size bottle.

Samples are 1 ounce except where noted.

Type of Sample:

Before starting our Castile Shampoos or other natural products.  click this link:
HELP! My hair is heavy, greasy, oily!  After using our Castile Shampoos for a couple times, a few days or a week or more.  Click this link for encouragement too. 
All the information I would give you by phone or email is here!!!
Information on VINEGAR RINSE is here also!
Time is what your scalp and hair need to get cleared of the toxins that you have been using all your life. The vinegar rinse and brushing your hair daily also speed the toxin removal...yes, really. Both are vital to a healthy scalp. I continue to use vinegar full strength; I rarely use soap on my head anymore....after 12 years there are no more toxins.
Feel free to print this information out for yourself or to encourage others.

Toxin-Free Shampoo - Body Soap

Specially formulated shampoo-body soap that works great on any type of hair while being an absolute dream for your skin. You do not need different soap for your body.  Silken soap to clean your hair and body without harmful toxins or environmental concerns.  

 Great for body and hair! Refresh your mind with the essential oils.  The essential oils are "essential" to condition and get hair in the best shape possible. 

 If you are not sure about how to use truly natural hair care products, order the smaller sizes. There is a difference between handcrafted soaps and other "natural" or “organic” surfactants! (hint: those are not really natural!) The cleaning power is not in the lather, it is in the wonderful soap.

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.

 The Lilac Kissed, Lily of the Valley, Vanilla Icing uses organic Flavor oils and essential oils.

 NO Sulfates, or other petroleum chemicals to harm you, your children, your environment or water systems. Personal pollution is the chemicals you wash down the drain in your home or work.

 Our castile soaps are pH neutral. For 95% of customers;there will not be much lather because of the hardness of your water. The bar soaps have more lather than these liquid castile soaps and work great on the hair also.

Yes, if you use this on your hair; you will go through a "scalp detox" unless you have been using a real castile soap before this....

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.


My Vinegar Rinse

Most of my customers know I recommend using a vinegar rinse to get any "residue" out of your hair.

I have also found it is great for the scalp.

So....I am offering a label with directions for your own bottle, or a 16 oz. Labeled bottle.

Vinegar is great! Not just for scalp and hair!

Use it for itchy skin.

--cleaning toilets (with or without baking soda)

Laundry softener--stops static cling.

Drink small amounts to help lose weight and have a healthier digestive system.

Research all the great uses and reasons to use vinegar.


No More Scalp Itching

1 ounce or 4 ounce spray bottle

A great blend to use on the scalp.  Contains peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils to help control scalp itching.

This product is much safer than a product like Scalpicin, which is full of chemicals. Many customers have sent us emails on how this product has made life better.


Combing or brushing your hair for 25-100 strokes a day is vital to have a healthy scalp and healthy hair.
This is to only brush I have found that I recommend.
These Rosewood combs are really nice. It is hard to decide which is better; the brush or the comb.
We recommend brushing more than one time per day for the best results. It is so very relaxing and soothing.
Thick, natural curly...yes, it is more important than ever that you get the scalp oils down your hair shaft....Your hair is desperately crying for those scalp oils....
Losing your hair---yes, your scalp and hair are not healthy....stimulate them to life with brushing and switching to real, natural products.

Finally! We have found wooden combs.
The wide-toothed detangler comb works good for thick hair; long straight hair; and long curly hair. I suggest starting at the bottom and working up.  I like this after washing my hair; and my hair is not thick. It just works gently to de-tangle.
Dressing comb is your basic comb. The Handled travel comb has about half the bristles to accommodate the handle.
he wooden fingernail brush has natural bristles; not plastic. It is so nice.

Length of each of the combs is 6" - 6 1/2"; about 1 1/2" wide.
Made of Rosewood.
Made in China (have not been able to find a U.S. manufacturer)


This brush has a dark stained handle (not natural color like picture) and is 7" in length. The bristles are made from rubber.

Use this brush for your 25 - 100 strokes a day. Do not press hard. Use gentle, firm strokes. If you have heavy or coarse hair, this brush may not be for you. It will probably come apart.

If you have curly or coarse hair it is even more important than ever to get the scalp oils down the hair shaft....Your hair is desperately crying for those oils..Get a wide toothed comb our Detangler comb is great...Use water, Tangles Out!, or the Styling Gel to get those curls back under control. Work from the bottom.

DO NOT use on wet hair unless it is short. Brushing wet hair can make it stretch and break.

NOTE: there is an air hole in the brush...this is normal.



Shea Butter Hair Treatment, 8 oz. jar

Designed for those with very curly hair! No more "crunchiness".  Shea butter is an excellent hair treatment. The essential oils all support healthier, more vital hair.

Hello,  My name is Sheri Glover and my dear friend Kathleen Hembree has made an all-natural Shea Butter Hair Oil Treatment, designed specifically for Black American Women. I found this product to be  superior”  to all other products that I have used.  I have switched to all natural chemical free hair and hair products.  My hair is now 13 to 16 inches long and I thought I was going to have to cut my hair, because I could no longer comb through my hair after washing it.  I was literally ripping my hair out in an attempt to comb through it after I had washed it.

This is how I use the Shea Butter Hair Oil Treatment:  Once I have washed my scalp, co-washed and deep conditioned my hair, I apply the Shea Butter Hair Oil Treatment from the top of the hair (near the scalp) all the way down the shaft to the ends of the hair, while it is still wet.  Making sure the ends are well covered.  To apply the Shea Butter Hair Oil place a dime size amount into the palm of your hand and rub the palms together to melt the Shea Butter, then apply it to your hair.  Through the entire process of washing my scalp, and co-washing/ deep conditioning my hair, I leave my hair in seven braids or Bantu knots and I take one braid or knot down at a time and apply the Shea Butter as described above and then immediately braid the hair back up and allow it to air dry overnight.  Now the moisture is locked into the hair.

Because my hair is in a protective state of braids, every 2 or 3 days, I spritz clean (bottled or filtered) water onto my hair to dampen it and then I apply the Shea Butter Hair Oil Treatment from the top to the ends of the braids.  This stops the hair from drying out which causes breakage.

My niece also uses this product on her daughter’s natural hair.  She actually washes her daughter’s hair with regular shampoo, which strips the natural oil from her hair and causes her hair to coil up into a tight spring.  She then applies the Shea Butter Hair Oil and combs through her hair with ease.  She said that the product makes the hair very easy to comb through.  It truly cuts down on detangling time/wear and tear to the hair. It also leaves her hair very soft and manageable.

I also use Kathleen’s “Clarifying Shampoo” to wash my scalp.  I originally used the shampoo to detox my hair due to a buildup of hair care products. Now I use it as my only shampoo to cleanse my scalp.

I trust that you will have an even greater experience than I have had using Kathleen’s natural hair care products.  I no longer have to cut my hair!  It is very supple, easy to work with and moisturized! Enjoy!  Sheri


100% Castile Shampoo/Body Wash

Made only with olive oil. It is a low-sudsing formula.

All of our castile soaps are pH neutral.

What is there to say about the great soap?

It cleans great; but you may not see any "bubbles". Do not use too much; that is the most common problem with castile soaps. This is a great cleanser for babies; those with many allergies; wash fruits and veggies; fine washables.

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.


Clarifying Shampoo

I have created this formula for those customers who have a hard time switching to our castile shampoo because of chemicals and for those who get a build up on their hair.

This shampoo is made from decyl-polyglucoside -- the first 'natural surfactant'

Works well to remove buildup and the chemicals from scalp and hair that has built up from use of commercial shampoos

from a customer:

Hi, You said you wanted feed back on this item. well I got it! I was having alot of problems starting with the castile shampoo, so you sent me some of this. I finally got the courage to use it and I am so glad that I did. I was afraid I would never be able to switch to your shampoos, but I used most of the bottle with a little conditioner afterward. It left my hair a little more dry than usual but now I started using the regular castile soap and my hair is nice and soft again. So I would say this stuff is FANTASTIC!!!!!! My hair is a little past my shoulders if you were wondering!  Thank You so much!!  God Bless!!  Holly H.

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.


Unscented Shampoo
Customers have asked about having essential oils in the Unscented shampoo.
There is  .02% of Lavender  and  .02% of Rosemary Essential Oils.
This small amount helps to offset the smell of some of the other ingredients. The small amount also helps to preserve the soap...otherwise after about 3 months it smells is not spoiled; just smells odd.
I have no plans to stop putting this amount of the oils in our Shampoo.
Thank you for understanding.

Goat Milk Soap,  3-5 ounces 

 --  A very emollient soap.

This is a great soap for dry, irritated, itchy skin. Goat milk is soothing and healing. Great for dry hair and scalp too!

From Jen H: ...To start with I was a little skeptical because I thought it was crazy to rub a bar of soap on your head for shampoo, but it turns out that I can't imagine any other way at this point! I LOVE the way they make my hair feel. And it seems as though my hair stays cleaner and less oily longer! Thank you so much!! I'm so excited!


Toxin Free Hair Spray

A great toxin-free alternative to commercial hair sprays. Adds a finishing touch with light hold. For a stronger hold; use our styling gel before styling.

Works great for naturally curly hair, adds definition to curls while preventing frizz and fly away hair. Our customers have been asking for this.

Conditioning essential oils and vegetable glycerin to nourish and protect your hair.

Attraction, Citrus, Herbal Balance & Energize, Joyful and Lavender. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils for scent and emotional balance.

Strawberry and Raspberry has a slightly fruity scent from natural flavor oils. Spring Violet and Lilac Kisses have a great floral scent from natural flavor oils.

Want to get chemicals and odd coloring out of your hair faster?  Try:
Work baking soda into hair and scalp.  Pour (full strength, any type ) vinegar slowly over scalp.
Works best if there are two people. Lean over a large sink. Pour small amount of vinegar to start the foaming action. Let the foaming die down, then pour more vinegar on to scalp. Gradually cover the whole head. When the foaming is finished, wash hair with a gentle castile soap.
You will probably need a conditioner or oil treatment for your hair. The volcano will dry out the hair and scalp.
Great for getting rid of oily buildup and residue. This will not remove all the chemicals that are deep in your scalp. Only time will get all of them out.
This will also work on acne and very oily skin!

Hair Care Trial Pak

Test out our hair care products. Includes 2 oz. Clarifying Shampoo, 2 oz. Shampoo, 1 - 1.5 oz. Conditioner, 1 oz. Tangles Out, 1 oz. Hair Gel, sample of Hair Treatment Oil.

Comes in Lavender, Citrus, Herbal Balance & Energize



Tangles Out!

A wonderful hair detangler/leave-in conditioner all types of hair! Kid friendly and helps to soften and smooth hair without chemicals.

Similar to No More Tangles.

Has glycerin and essential oils to de-tangle and condition hair naturally.

Citrus, Herbal Balance & Energize, I Love Lavender scents use therapeutic grade essential oils for scent.

Vanilla Icing, Strawberry uses Organic and natural Flavor Oils/Concentrates.

(We have taken out the Raspberry...the scent is not working well right now and added Vanilla Icing)


Hair Conditioner

Newly improved!

A nourishing conditioner. If you have switched to our shampoo; you will probably not need this conditioner. Conditions and helps correct styling damage. 

When you are using our shampoos and you have fine hair, you may only need this formula once per week. 

Wonderful for helping thick, course damaged hair--use at every shampoo.

Do not use this conditioner until you have used the shampoo at least 8-15 times. Most will not need this conditioner. Our shampoo is moisturizing for hair.

It is very important to lather, rinse, lather 2nd time, rinse. If conditioner is needed; after second rinse, massage small amount into hair. Leave in for about 5 minutes. Rinse out with very warm hair. Working fingers through to remove any tangles while rinsing.

Balancing and conditioning. Helps to protect from styling damage.

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.

May not work with commercial shampoos. We don't know how it will work with other castile soaps either. Some customers have had good results; some not so good. We can not guarantee how this conditioner will work with other shampoos....


Do you have short, fine, or a layered hair style?
Try our bar soap.  My assistant Barb, loves the Lavender Bar soap; the Goat's Milk soap will remove buildup from hair; the Cocoa Butter soap would work on really dry hair. It is so rich.
The 100% Olive Oil soap is really nice for cleansing the normal hair.
The bar soaps lather more.

Bar Soaps

Natural, all vegetable soaps. Healing, pure and toxin-free.All of our soaps are pH neutral. We do not recommend using soaps on a woman's face (guys skin is thicker)--except our Buttermilk Soap. Facial skin is thinner and more delicate. Our Face Washes are ideal for your face....soap free and pH balanced.

Our suggestions for hair and body

Hair:  Any of our bar soaps work well....since everyone is different; you may like one better than another. Barb likes the Lavender Bar soap on her hair; I use different ones and have not found any that don't work well on the scalp.

Acne: This bar soap is for Acne on the arms, back, chest, buttock area.
May be too strong for the face. We recommend our Acne Care Cleanser is you have sensitive skin.

Baby Love Bar Soap: Very gentle for the most delicate skin. Head to toes cleaning. This gentle soap is wonderful for babies and the elderly. Keeps delicate skin healthy and smooth. treat delicate skin with utmost care.

Buttermilk: A very nice soap! This is a great soothing soap from head to toe. Great on sensitive skin. Gentle enough for your face. Be sure to finish with the Forever Young Face Oil or the Forever Young Face Cream.

Calendula Oatmeal: This wonderfully healing, soothing soap also for itching and skin rashes. Also works great on hair and scalp.

Cocoa Butter: Universally recognized as a skin emollient. Very gentle on sensitive skin.

Eczema & Psoriasis: Created for those who suffer. These herbs and essential oils help soothe irritated skin. Excellent used in conjunction with our Eczema & Psoriasis Cream.

Green Tea with Honey:  This is a great bar of soap. Good for skin issues. 

Lavender: The lovely fragrance of this traditional soap is one almost everyone loves. 

Mechanics:  This soap has pumice and other gentle scrubbing agents. We are told it takes the "Brake grime" out of the hands. Also works great to clean up that ground-in dirt gardener's get in their hands.

Oatmeal: A classic, old-fashioned skin cleanser that is also soothing to irritated skin. Helps to stop the itching of skin rashes and chicken pox.

Olive Oil: It's here! 100% olive oil soap, with tea tree essential oil and lemongrass essential oil.  This is a great shampoo bar. 

Orange & Spice:  For our Citrus lovers! An intriguing scent.

Plain Jane:  By customer request! Pure soap; no essential oils.

Reverse Hair Loss:  We have created this as an alternative to the liquid Reverse Hair Loss Shampoo. Has the same essential oils. Some of them will be in the form of ground herbs.

Our bar soaps start life at about 5 ounces. As they dry, they get lighter, but harder and better. We put the 3.5 oz. weight on the label. Lasts a long time as long as they don't sit in water. Our Simply Soap Net and/or the wooden Soap Dish are excellent for helping the soap last a long time.

From a customer:

"I've ordered your bar soaps twice now....and love them, I especially love the Cocoa Butter one for my hair. The vinegar rinse is awesome, I was skeptical at first bu it truly does soothe the scalp! I have fine curly hair and find that with your bar soap and the vinegar rinse; it dries it curls naturally and has hardly any frizz...I bought the conditioner but haven't used it yet...I never had gunk that I could see but at first my hair did get very heavy, now it ends up very soft and manageable. Keep up the good work!"  Raquel C.


Soapless Shampoo

For those with severe allergies. A very unique way to cleanse your hair and body. It leaves hair soft and manageable.

There is definitely a learning curve with this soap. It takes very little to clean scalp. If you have severe allergies you should cut your hair shorter to help the detoxing process.

There is no lather with this product. Very light herbal scent from the essential oils.

Attention "Curly Girls!"
Are you struggling with the idea of brushing your hair? Afraid of the poofy, fly-away look?
The Tangles Out spray combined with wet hands will tame the look.
The whole concept is to get your natural scalp oils down the hair shaft. You can use a wide-toothed comb as well. I am working on getting some wooden combs in stock.
If you like a balm for your hair; the Whipped Body Butter is excellent. If you prefer an oil; the Intensive Hair Treatment is for you.
Blessings and love your hair.....We with straight hair envy your curls!......Kathleen

Toxin Free Styling Gel

A great toxin-free alternative to commercial styling gels. Works great for naturally curly hair, adds definition to curls while preventing frizz and fly away hair. This is a favorite for many of my customers.

Conditioning essential oils and vegetable glycerin to nourish and protect your hair while adding body and/or "spikiness".

Citrus, Herbal Balance & Energize, or Lavender. These only use therapeutic grade essential oils for scent. Strawberry and Raspberry has natural flavor oils.

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.



A great toxin-free spiking gel that can spike hair up to 2 inches long. Create a wild hair style or just use for extra body.

Feel good about letting yourself or your child create a unique style the toxin-free way. Conditioning essential oils to protect your hair while "Spiking". Works on all kinds of hair.

Scents:  Cedar Forest, Citrus Fresh, Herbal Balance & Energize, Lavender, Unscented and Raspberry (uses natural flavor oils)

I love this for my short, spiky summer style--Kathleen H.


Intensive Hair Treatment

An nourishing, intensive treatment to correct damage done by commercial styling products. Nourishes dry, brittle or over processed hair. Leaves hair silky, shiny, soft.

Massage 1 tsp. into hair and scalp. Leave on several hours to allow oils to penetrate. Use often until you achieve naturally shiny, soft hair.

Very dry, frizzy hair:  this can be used as a daily leave-in treatment. Makes that hair softer and silkier.

6/28/2010 -- Email from a customer
Thank you so much!  And, I just wanted to let you know that your hair conditioner does WONDERS for my curly hair. Being a "curly girl," I always struggle with which products to use. Using your conditioner maybe 1-2 times per week makes my  curls look amazing! (I am going to try the shampoo now, too, and see how my hair responds to that...) And, of course, I filled my cart with about a million other things, too, that I am really looking forward to trying...
Thank You!!!  Rachel

Just  For Kids


Pamper and help your child enjoy using toxin-free products. Using our high-quality, gentle castile shampoo as a base, we have created scents for kids. Please understand; our castile soaps will not produce the lather you are used to in other shampoos. That lather is a petroleum chemical creation.  If you have been using petroleum-chemical based shampoos on your children's hair; their scalp and hair may have to go through a detox process just as your hair has to. See the Hair Tips page for more information.

All scents have lavender essential oil for calming and soothing.

Uses essential oils: Lime Slime, Lemonade, Orange Orangatang

Organic Flavor oils: Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Wild Cherry.


This is not a "tear-free" shampoo. Those "tear-free" shampoos use toxic petroleum chemicals to make their soaps "tear-free". Some of those chemicals have been linked to skin and eye problems and even some cancers.

 Our castile soaps are pH neutral.

Eczema & Psoriasis Shampoo

Specially formulated shampoo for those who have Eczema or Psoriasis in the scalp area.

 The essential oils are "essential" to help control eczema or psoriasis and heal the toxic ingredients to inflame conditions.

Uses the power of neem seed oil and therapeutic essential oils in our mild, castile liquid soap. A great alternative is our Eczema & Psoriasis bar soap.

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.


Tea Tree Dandruff Shampoo 

Specially formulated Dandruff shampoo that works great for those who have flakes. The flakes are probably caused by chemical damage to the scalp.

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.

These essential oils are "essential" to condition and get scalp and hair in the best shape possible. Contains: Tea tree, peppermint, lemon, lavender and rosemary essential oils and neem seed oil.

NO Sulfates, or other petroleum chemicals to harm your hair, body or the earth's water system. Does NOT have any toxic SLS or any other petroleum surfactants to cause irritation.

There will be a "scalp detox" when you start using castile soap. See out Hair Care Tips page for information.



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