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Hand Soap, Liquid

Liquid Hand Soap

A soothing, moisturizing soap formulated with pure essential oils that kill virus, bacteria and fungus naturally.

Citrus Fresh -- Sweetly citrus with all the power of citrus essential oils.

Germs Away -- Head off colds and flu naturally.

Healing Tea Tree -- Heals irritated skin and kills bacteria and viruses.

Lavender -- Wonderful scent. Calming and healing.

Lemongrass-Tangerine -- Intoxicating scent. These essential oils help ward off colds and flu by killing harmful germs.

Mandarin - Grapefruit -- Another popular citrus combination.

Unscented -- Our wonderful basic soap. You can add your own essential oils to this formula.

I have not been able to make this formula work in foaming pumps without clogging. Only chemical derived surfactants seem to work in them.

Teach your children that they only need a drop of this soap...not 1 or more pumps.


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