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I have worked hard to make the best sunscreen I possibly can.
It works for my red-headed, very fair skinned husband; when he reapplies . It can work for you. We do recommend to reapply about as often as you would those commercial chemical sunscreens.
Our Live-Long Sunscreen is gentle. I have had no one have an allergic reaction....but if you are allergic to any of the ingredients; do not purchase our product.
Do you need sunscreen all the time?
   My response is no. Moderate sun exposure is need to create the Vitamin D our body needs. Approximately 90% of those living in Northern areas are Vitamin D deficient.  How long?  If you are in the Northern climates; you need about 1 hour of sunlight per day....Now don't do this in the strongest sun times of the day. If you have pale skin; you may burn. Do this intelligently. AND keep your skin moist with cold pressed ois or butters. Long sleeved clothing should be worn if you are out for several hours. I protect my skin when I am out for a long period of time.
Why do I include the Whipped Body Butter here?
   For those who do not burn easiy or if you are limiting your overall sun exposure. The Whipped Body Butter should not be used for a several-hour sun exposure; unless you have already adjusted your body to this return to sensible sun exposure or do not burn easily.
....Butter is great!  Natural moisture keeps your skin soft, supple, young. Moisturized skin does not dry out. These natural butters and oils protect skin. Think of your skin like a fine piece of leather. What happens when the leather gets dried out? It gets stiff, wrinkled, tight. Keep skin moisturized and get healthy, beautiful skin. As a side note: Our Whipped Body Butter reconditions that dried out leather.
If you do overdo it and get a little red. Shower in cool water or bathe in a cool bath with oatmeal.  Apply aloe from a plant or therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil. Then follow with the Whipped Body Butter or Ultimate Lotion. Keep the skin moisturized and cool. Do not get anymore sun exposure until burn is healed. Use dark color clothing to protect skin.
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Live Long Sunscreen -- Regular or Tinted

Has 25% zinc oxide percentage to make this sunscreen an SPF 30. Plus the carrier oils in this formula have sun-filtering properties. The iron oxide and rice powder also have sun-filtering properties.

We only use non-nano zinc oxide. We made the decision years ago not to go with the tinier sized particles.

You asked....we respond. Now available! Regular sunscreen for those who do not want tinted.

Lightly tinted -- we use brown iron oxide to take that "white" look from our sunscreen. Add a little color to your skin. Blends into the skin better--even more sun protection. May stain light clothing.

Our Live Long Sunscreen feels different from chemical-based sunscreens. It will leave a "sheen" on the skin and does feel oilier than the chemical based sunscreens. We have not had any issues of our Sunscreen causing acne or breakouts. The oxides can have a drying effect on the skin.

Gentle enough for babies. Strong enough for redheads.

Protect your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays.  Remember to re-apply every couple hours especially if you are in higher elevations. The ozone layer is thinning. This is letting more UV rays through the atmosphere.

The zinc oxide provides full spectrum sun reflective protection of 30. The oils in this sunscreen are sun-filtering oils.  I compare the SPF factor of Live Long to a commercial, chemical sunscreen of 40.  

The Lavender essential oil provide protection from insects; as well as being beneficial to skin.

Reapply often, especially after sweating, swimming, exercise. It can be rubbed off  when active.

Active Ingredients: 25% zinc oxide; hazelnut oil; walnut oil.

From Melissa:

.......I think the Sunscreen is great.......Just got back from Florida where the bugs are biting and I had no bug bites!! I even liked using it when I was not in the sun!!! I also have a contact allergy to what seems like everything. I have tried over 10 organic/natural sunscreens and yours was the ONLY one that did not irritate me!! Thank you again!!

The Whipped Body Butter and the Ultimate Body Lotion are both great after-sun moisturizers.

Whipped Body Butter

What a great skin softener.  Everyone who tries this raves. Great for excessive sun exposure, wind burned skin, winter-damaged skin, cuticles, cracked skin, heels.Can be used on the face also. A tiny amount goes a long way.

This butter is also a great hair treatment for African-Americans

Seven butters are combined with cold-pressed oil.

The Strawberry, Jasmine Dream, Lilac Kissed, Raspberry Kissed, Rose Dreams, Spring Violets, Vanilla Icing are made with the organic flavor concentrates and/or organic fragrance oils.

Almost everyone has heard about cocoa butter and shea butter. Not many know there are more true "butters”. A true butter does not have beeswax or additional oils in it. It is usually hard and slightly sticky. If you have ever used the Ghana yellow shea butter you will understand.

These butters are whipped with oils for several to make the Ultimate butter.  Melts on the skin. Wonderful for severely chapped and damaged skin.


When shipping this item, we can not control the temperatures the product may endure during the summer months or shipping it to hot climates.

If you get a butter that looks grainy or hard, it has melted in transit. To resolve this:

1. Scoop product out of jar into a clean, small glass mixing bowl. Warm in microwave or double boiler until just warm.

2.  Using your hand or stand mixer, whip butter for 10-15 minutes. It should fluff back up and get creamy again. The "whip" attachments work better than the normal beaters if you have one.

3. Wash jar and lid with hot water to kill any bacteria. Put product back into jar and enjoy a wonderful skin and hair softening experience!


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