Cold Sore Relief


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Cold Sore Relief

Cold Sore Relief

has 10+ plant-based properties to support a healthy immune system for cold sores.

You knew something weird was going on. A few days before, your lip started tingling and felt a little numb. You probably didn't pay much attention to it then, but now there was a certain throbbing something on your lip, and it wasn't pretty. At first you thought it was a pimple because it was red and tender, but then it blistered and opened up . . .

If your body ever needed the strong support from plant oils, now is the time! Cold Sore Relief has 6 essential oils that give chemical promoting properties for skin issues more embarrassing than non-cystic pimples:

1. Calendula infused oil. 2. Neem seed oil. 3. Lemongrass essential oil. 4. Lavender essential oil. 5. Eucalyptus globulus essential oil. 6. Tea tree essential oil.

Combined, they give your lip the attention it needs because it supports and promotes healthy inflammation, which is a normal body function. In addition, there are antioxidant properties, which gives your immune system a boost up.

To be immune means to be protected. So it makes sense that your body system that helps keep you healthy is called the immune system. Your immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together for your body.

So give it the support it needs with Cold Sore Lip Balm, so it can in turn give your lip and other areas of your face the support it needs. Because one good turn deserves another!

Cold Sore Lip Balm Has a Pile of Promoting Properties for Your Cells
Health is cell-related. Think about that for a moment. So, eating a healthy diet, taking the right supplements, watching your stress level - and including essential oils that have promoting properties for your cells and to boost your immune system just makes good sense.

Choose the kind of ingredients that have chemical promoting properties for your body's cells and the immune system. Choose Cold Sore Relief by scrolling to the top page and clicking on the "add to cart" button.

Please let me know how your life, or who you have bought this for has improved after using it. Send me an e-mail if you also have any questions.

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