Hands-To-Go Spray

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Hands-To-Go Spray

Hands-To-Go Spray

You went to the grocery store. You touched the shopping cart. You touched over a dozen cans and packages. You touched the change handed back to you by the cashier....

Then, you touch your face. Then your car keys. Then the doorknob to your home. Then, who knows how many things in your home - including your family....

It kind of makes you think, doesn't it? This is why we have we have created a spray formula that works great to promote a healthy immune system and upper respiratory tract, and then supports it 24/7! We call it, "Hands-To-Go Spray."

There isn't any alcohol to dry your hands. There's no gel to rub in. All it takes is to give a convenient quick spray or two on your palm, and then rub your hands briskly together. Spray after the trip to the grocery store. Spray after the workout at the gym. Spray after putting gas in your vehicle. Spray...Well, you get the idea. This is not a substitute for washing your hands; but sometimes water is not handy.

Hands-To-Go Spray has the same essential oils used by many natural health doctors (naturopathic) for their patients. For good reason! These oils have been studied for its effectiveness in the body. Like oregano essential oil, for example. Without trying to think about pizza, this common household ingredient has been studied for its chemical reaction in the body. It actually helps promote healthy cells throughout your entire body. Our cells are what can make us or break us!

Other factoring essential oils are lavender, rosemary, orange, cinnamon, and clovebud. And they all also contribute to supporting healthy inflammation 24/7.

It comes in various sizes, but may I recommend the large size if you are always on the go? It's very convenient to carry in your purse, or even in your jacket pocket for those times when you need a quick spray.

And this is also conveniently great for kids who have their hands everywhere they shouldn't be!

Try Hands-To-Go Spray,and tell me what you think. I really would love to hear your opinion. As always, thank you for your order.

About Immune Support Products

Handcrafted Immune Support products.

Fight Back against Covid-19 Coronavirus, Seasonal Flu and Colds, MRSA Superbugs!

Concerned? So are we! "Purified Palms", "Hands-To-Go" and "Immune Support Spray" are formulated to help address this problem.

There is much information about the effectiveness of Essential Oils on virus, fungus and harmful bacteria. I have incorporated these essential oils into these and other products.

Commercial "Antibacterial" products can add to the "superbug" problem. By using these, you are washing an antibiotic down the drain, into the earth's water system.


  • Wash hands frequently with a mild Castile soap with Essential Oils. Use running water for at least 20 seconds. It is the water that washes away the virus and bacteria on the skin.
  • If you do not have castile soap handy use plenty of water, then a drop of surfactant available on palms of hands. Rub. Rinse for 15-20 seconds. It is the water that washes away the virus and bacteria on skin.
  • Blow nose hard at least two times daily.
  • Use Healing Scents Healthy Immune Support Oil at least two times daily.
  • Drink hot liquids... May we suggest Rose Hip Immune or Detox Tea?
  • Shower with Hair/Body Wash that includes Essential Oils.
  • Clean the home with mild cleansers with essential oils. Vinegar and baking soda is great too.
  • In laundry use white vinegar and some essential oils in rinse and/or bleach dispensers. Use hot water for washing if at all possible. This combination will kill almost all bacteria, virus, fungus that can survive a warm/cool wash cycle.


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