My Body's Herbal Buddy


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My Body's Herbal Buddy

My Body's Herbal Buddy

The Doctor-Recommended Herbs to Support Healthy Bones, Joints and Cartilage

What do natural health doctors take for their own body aches? Well, natural products, of course! A good rule of (health) thumb: Take the same ingredients natural health doctors take for their own aches.

The recipe for this salve comes from Dr. John Christopher's book School of Natural . . .

These herbs have been used for thousands of years. My Body's Herbal Buddy is an herb-infused ointment to make you feel better. In fact, we have many customers using this Salve with very good results.

With a combined effect of 19 ingredients, My Body's Herbal Buddy produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. In other words: the more all-natural ingredients you have, the better!

These herbs give your aches relief when you need it the most. They have plant promoting properties that you need on your bedside stand, because they actually promote healthy muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Click on the "ingredients" tab on the top of this page to take a look at the complete list.

Just remember to keep using the salve, because it can't have any chance to do its thing if you are not using it at least two times per day Three times is better. Can't help you if it sits on the shelf! Everyone who tries this salve, says the same thing, "It looks funny, but it sure makes the aches go away!"

Try this product instead of the usual stuff. Compare how you felt when you took them to taking an all-natural product like this.

I'm always interested in how my - aching - customers are doing, so please let me know well this has worked for you.

Send me an e-mail if you also have any questions.

~ P.S. Do you know someone who needs more comforting support for their own aches? They may want to try this, so please send them this page. And thank you for your support!

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