Skin Yeast Chickweed Ointment


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Skin Yeast Chickweed Ointment

Skin Yeast Chickweed Ointment

We have combined powerful Essential Oils that target yeast in a healing, soothing whipped chickweed ointment. Pleasant scent.

This ointment will soothe and heal yeast. Thought it was Eczema or Rosacea, but just can't heal it up? Try this ointment.

Red, itchy, dry, bumpy, spreading? This could be a skin yeast infection. Try our soothing, natural ointment.

Keep in the refrigerator to cool while soothing. When refrigerated jar will last for several years.

Recently we have had many new customers having problems with what they think is eczema; when it is really skin yeast. Skin yeast looks like eczema or rosacea, but is very itchy.

If you have skin yeast, you have an internal problem with yeast.

We created the Skin Yeast Chickweed Ointment to help with this difficult situation.
Steroids can cause yeast issues. Get the book "The Yeast Connection" to find out more information.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

See blog post: Do Essential Oils Have Antiviral, Antibacterial Properties? for study links.

Skin Issues

Handcrafted, soothing and promoting products to give you the great looking skin you desire.

Researchers are starting to realize that these conditions are related to the amount of chemicals in today's products.

The FDA does not permit me to say more.

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